Guy Martin Shopify Store Proper Alive & Kicking!

guymartinproper-myshopify-comIt was my pleasure to work with Spellman Productions recently on the Official Guy Martin Merchandise Store

Make sure you get all your exclusive Guy related items here and drop me a line if you want a super cool responsive Shopify store designed and set up.

You can drop me a line at 01384 414770 or

and also take a look at my dedicated portfolio site with many more project examples:*

*currently in development.

Another motor sport related Shopify go-live coming soon!

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Fun with Shopify – the easiest e-commerce system in the WORLD

Well, I think it is! I had my first taste through the Hyundai Motorsport Shop but recently a client asked me for a quick set up using a template from the app store to re-launch his wholesale business. He wasn’t looking for a big spend to start but REALLY didn’t have the time to set everything up himself.

Wholesale (due to VAT) is a little trickier through Shopify but we got it down and launched this site and also sync’d with facebook (free app I might add) to add in some social shopping aspects.

Let me know if you want a quote for Shopify!

Shopify Shopping Cart Software – Start your FREE trial today!

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Why I LOVE shopify..(Shopify Marketplace)

It looks so sleek, it takes 30 seconds to sign up (no really) and it contains a plethora of features including my all time favourite….. integration with Paypal Payments Pro and tags. I love tags.

I do think shopify is the one e-commerce system I would recommend to sellers. All the features you really need in one tidy hub…..

But lo…what is this?

Shopify Marketplace?

Could this be? A ‘shopify’ shopping comparison site? That utilises TAGs? I went slightly weak at the knees when I read this post on the subject.

Not only has Shopify revolutionised the impact of the small e-commerce player, with their nifty, easy to design sweet sweet store but now shopify store owners have free listings in the shopify marketplace. Shopify boasts over 20,000 stores with a handy trial version with the basic pricing starting at $24 pcm and 2% of GMS. The pricing page has a little note at the top ‘ Not sure which plan to choose? Pick any – you can always change it later.’ This is also free of any administration charges. Finally, an e-commerce platform that makes sense and you don’t feel as though you are committing to any long term plans if your e-commerce store does not work out.

Checkout some cool Shopify Stores:


Check out the Shopify blog on the subject.

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