Another notch in the web 2.0 bed post – The Find and Glimpse

Mashable reported on the acquisition of Glimpse by TheFind in this article TheFind Acquires the Glimpse Fashion Search Site.

Another manic Web 2.0 spin purchase or something that will benefit the community? The fashion website Glimpse will be enhanced with advanced search options to do with colour, size, similar products and even products found on eBay. Glimpse will stay a stand alone product. Glimpse has also unleashed the power of facebook enabling users to create lists.

The social aspect of search feels as though it is spiralling but I am not sure to where. As a consumer of many many fashion items I turn away from these social shopping sites as there are just so many. My favourite still stands at Stylehive but as a new facebook addict, and watching my friends get slowly addicted to the various applications, I do think integrating with facebook and other social communities is going to bring up the profile of web 2.0 search sites.

I did have the Glimpse application on my facebook profile for a while, but the novelty wore thin quickly. I hope they prove me wrong but I think novelty is all they have at the moment.

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A Bit of Fun – The Web 2.0 Silly Words Generator

‘Web Two Point Daddy-O’ made me laugh, web 2.0 is all about ‘buzz’ words and ‘rock and roll metrics’. Anything that someone can sell on and make a fortune. The web is now a manic mash up of social sites, feeds and teenagers.

If you want some buzz words to litter your marketing materials with try this site: It’s The Web 2.0 Bull%^&* Generatorô

Phrases I aim to work into my day are:

1. Disintermediate user-centred mashups
2. Engage user-contributed web services
3. Remix standards-compliant networking
4. Capture user-contributed feeds
5. Syndicate rss-capable synergies

You can even get a Web 2.0 Logo at


web 2.0 logo

Web 2.0 was supposed to be all about socialising the web, filling it with user generated content and love. It became all about huge buy-outs very quickly. I wonder what web 3.0 will bring? Even BETTER reflective logos? There is a lot of money and functionality to be had embracing the technologies of web 2.0, as long as you sift through the many portals and trends.

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The mighty ‘Aggregator’ – the buzz word of the moment…

Sites that aggregate a common product or service for example marketplaces like eBay and shopping comparison sites have been going since time forgot. This technology went social with Spokeo, as reported by Techcrunch….

Spokeo wants to be your home page. They want to bring you your favourite blog feeds, MySpace updates, new YouTube videos, and friendsí photo albums all in one eyeful!

But what I would like to see is the same methodology applied to payment gateways. One system to integrate with and you can use Paypal, Paypal pro and Express, Google checkout, Amazon payments and anything that’s is worthy. This would leave payment gateway integration a breeze (and probably open to hideous fraud, but hey its just the idea) as all these new and hip payment methods are coming out and for the best conversions you need to employ all of them? What a nightmare.

The channeladvisor checkout works using this kind of methodology, as well as any heavily integrated checkout, but we are not talking large GMS businesses, its the small and many that struggle to integrate their checkouts/websites with all of these systems!

One integration, one Dashboard…..all the payment solutions……


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Googles steps towards personalised search – SEO Prediction

I love reading Matt Cutts blog. This post on on ‘Removing Results‘ caught my eye and it is a glimpse of the Google mentality with regards to the future of search. I do believe this will be great for the little guy who is trying to target specific customers against the giants and the link farmers!

Take for instance the customers for Hairfreax that sells Cybergoth Hair Extensions you get loads of eBay listings with that key phrase. (Hairfreax is at the top – go me) Now if I wanted to buy off eBay I would search on eBay. Heck that’s my first point of call and if I don’t find what I want on eBay, the might Google is my next point of call.. So my first thing to do would be to scrap all eBay listings.

This is more relevant for the keyword eBay Design. So signing up for Google Search History

……….. Ahh, I don’t get to see the ‘remove this functionality’ Seems as though this part of the experiment is now not running. But taking a look at my searches, there is a lot I would remove pushing the better optimised and more relevant searches to the top of my list. This will let genuine SEO’d websites hit top of the bill, due to their relevant content, picked by humans!

If you want tread more about Human Search take a look at this post also ‘The role of humans in Google Search‘ My favourite quote from the article is:

I believe that Google has thought about how to unlock the power of people in various ways since PageRank was invented.

Lets hope so!

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Tech Crunch UK – All about the startups 2.0

Tech Crunch which is a blog that coveres web 2.0 and mobile start ups is re-launching again in the UK around June.

TechCrunch, founded by Michael Arrington on 11 June 2005, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. In addition to new companies, we profile existing companies that are making a commercial or cultural impact on the new web space.

They are looking for representation for their conference in San Francisco in sept. I so wish I could go! But I am not a start up……yet…..

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