To drop down or not to drop down?

Daintyfeet is a small niche seller of small shoe sizes. Currently her inventory is split into shoe style and size. The titles currently include the 3 size conversions which are imperative for search as the new website produces dynamic HTML titles based on the item title.


However, to tidy up the website I can use attributes, but that will then mean the sizes are not optimised in the HTML title (as a standard product title will be used) and when looking for small shoes it needs to be. I think I will rest on this model for now (as i would have to re-arrange and format the inventory to fit into size drop downs)

She only has around 20-25 lines twice a year so the website will not be cluttered.

Blogging as I am thinking. It is always better to think of your search engine optimisation on creation of the site rather than have it as a after thought, as this can effect your search ranking.

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