When a Website Redesign isn’t Quite Good Enough…

It’s no secret I love nails. I am a qualified nail tech and nail brand websites are the most shocking sites known to man…or beast..

So I was super excited when I saw that Louella Belle had a redesign!

However…some thoughts:

UX Fail Category:

Mega menu runs off the screen so I need to scroll down on my 15.5″ laptop screen to see the bottom. It could be a nightmare for smaller laptops which are above the responsive breakpoints.

My Laptop:


Just before the breakpoint into the responsive design:


All the things in the category are the same:

I went to check out their training courses and it seems the creative team didn’t think on if the title of the item went OVER the set limit. Here are two sets of identical courses and two different prices:


Best to put what the distinguishing difference is first!

Lets forget those roll overs on actions:

It seems the design team didn’t bother with button or side category roll overs…hell they seem to HATE roll over dynamics. Is this a new wave of anti UX? I mean don’t go crazy but BUTTONS! Its super easy too and as a coder I feel it is LAZY.

Major call to action blah

“Yeah like…if you wanna you can hit buy now, but adding to wishlist is just as important as spending money and you might miss our action buttons all together…”

Is what these set of buttons are telling me….


Buying is your MAJOR function, why would you make it so weak? Why would you make the wishlist *JUST* as important. It is a secondary button…you want us to part with money now and lots of it!

My eyes are drawn to the share buttons as they pop out…sharing is good! Buying is better.

These are just cliff notes on the major points that dashed my hopes of a good ecommerce website design in the nail industry. Granted this is a really good start but no banana yet. My UX mentor always says she can spot a website designed by an ARTIST or a UX TEAM. This is fitting into the artist category.

I think this re-design is a MASSIVE improvement and adheres to the standard structure of an eCommerce site but the beauty is in the detail and user flow. It took me only minutes to be confused. Not good :/

Think of these points when you have your site re-designed!

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