4 Bottles Bluesky One Step UV LED Soak Off Nail Gel Coffee 15ml

This is for 4 brand new 15ml bottles of bluesky one step nail gel in the shades in the photograph.

This gel must be cured with UV or LED light systems.

This is a soak off gel.

You will need a top and base coat for this item, even though the bottle states it is not required.

MSDS available and traceable to manufacturer.

Simple Directions for Application:

- Prepare and dehydrate nail with IPA or rubbing alcohol
- Apply a thin layer of base coat avoiding surrounding skin
- Cure for 2 minutes UV/30-60 seconds LED depending on base coat instructions
- Add colour coat and cure (LED 60 seconds here, UV 2 mins)
- Repeat colour coat if required (with this gel it is not really needed, but you get a deeper colour)
- Apply a think layer of top coat and cure again
- Remove sticky layer with IPA and any un-cured gel

You should then get a good performance and up to 14 days of wear.

Swatch is of ACTUAL colour, but due to screen resolution the colour may vary.




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